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Car Buying Spreadsheet

Car Buying Spreadsheet  – This calculator will help you determine the monthly payment of a car loan or the price of the vehicle you can buy with a specific monthly payment. After you have entered the required information, use the options in the charts to see how differences in the term or sudden payment affect your monthly payment. You can also check the full amortization table by clicking the “View Report” button.

Auto Loan Calculator Definitions
Monthly payment
Monthly payment for this loan.
Interest rate
Annual interest rate for this loan.
Term in months
Term in months for loan repayment.
Cash soon
Amount of cash used in this purchase.
Amount in dollars received for your trade-in.
Amount owed on the trade-in
Amount owed on the trade-in.
Costs subject to sales tax
Any additional expenses that are subject to sales tax. Usually, it includes charges for documents or any other payable on delivery and is taxable.
Non-taxable charges
Any additional charges that are not subject to sales tax, including document charges and others payable on delivery of the vehicle.
Sales tax rate
The percentage rate applicable to this purchase.
‘Trade-in’ net
Amount of the net trade-in applied to your purchase.
Total purchase price
Total purchase price of this car.
Sales tax
Total sales tax on this purchase.
Loan Amount
Total amount of your auto loan.
Tax for the ‘trade-in’
Check this box if you reside in a jurisdiction where sales taxes are charged on the total sale price. If this box is not marked the sales tax is calculated at the purchase price less the trade-in.

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