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Excel Spreadsheet Parts

Excel Spreadsheet Parts – A worksheet is an array of values. A certain intersection of a column and a row is called a field. Spreadsheet software like Excel to companies a way to track sales, marketing and product inventory numbers. It also gives companies a way to present data in the form of graphics for presentations. Know the five basic parts of a spreadsheet that is easier to get started.

Work book
A book of envelopes a group of spreadsheets. The workbook is similar to an application that spans a group of shapes. Each spreadsheet looks different from the book. For example, a book can be a group of product inventory sheets.

A worksheet in the part of the workbook that contains the data. Many books only use a spreadsheet, but separate spreadsheets make the sea easier to classify data. For example, different worksheets can be used to maintain employee records. Each state can have its own spreadsheet with a list of employees and their information. Applications only need a spreadsheet, but all applications in the fields can be stylized in Excel. Font colors, titles and graphics make a spreadsheet more attractive in business applications.

Rows are horizontal organizational units means an information record. Each row represents a different record in the worksheet. A spreadsheet can be considered a lightweight database. When you insert a record into a database, it represents a data item. For example, an employee record with your name, number, and date of birth is a record. This can also be inserted into a worksheet.

Columns are the specific parts of the data that make up a record. In the example in section four, the employee had a record with his name, number and date of birth. A column represents each of the elements. When you add a new piece of information to a record, a column is inserted into the worksheet.

Fields are the point at which a column and row intersect. A field is a piece of information. When a user works with a specific piece of data, it is the field that is manipulated. Fields that are not only used for data, but also define the column headings, sum numbers and information tag offset in the spreadsheet.

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