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Google Spreadsheet Login – Count on that
With graphical colors and tables, data from Google spreadsheets are more attractive. Conditional formatting options, PivotTables and built-in formulas save time and simplify routine spreadsheet tasks. All that, free.

Access your spreadsheets anytime, anywhere
Create and edit spreadsheets and access them wherever you are (on your phone, tablet or computer), even if you do not have a connection.

Forget clicking on “Save”
All changes are automatically saved as you type. In addition, you can use revision history to see earlier versions of the same spreadsheet, sorted by date, and by the user who made the change.

Instant statistics
Use the Browse panel to see an overview of the data, from informational summaries to a selection of preloaded graphs to choose from.

Improve your work with add-ons
Take advantage of even more Google Sheets with add-ons. Try the Styles add-on to make your next spreadsheet more eye-catching.

Start now
Sheets are ready to use whenever you want. Simply create a spreadsheet from the browser or download the application for your mobile device.

To create a PivotTable in spreadsheets, you only need to do the following:

Step 1: Create the database and locate the cursor in any cell that contains information
Step 2: Display the “Data” option
Step 3: Click on “Dynamic Table Report”
Step 4: Create a new sheet called “PivotTable”
Step 5: On the new sheet, a window will be enabled on the right side, where you can choose the elements or criteria for the PivotTable. ”

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