Home Insurance Quote Sheet Template

Home Insurance Quote Sheet Template – Home insurance
How to calculate home insurance?
Before hiring home insurance, it is important to make a good assessment of the continent – the dwelling itself and the content – everything we have in our home: furniture, appliances, works of art, clothes, jewelry … The protective measures Of the address like cameras or bars can serve to obtain important discounts in the insurance against the traffic. We tell you everything you have to take into account to calculate the insurance of your home.

Remember that if you are a landlord you will have to insure both the continent and the contents of your home, while you are only a tenant, it will be enough to ensure the continent of your home.

The continent is the value of building the empty house, that is, what it would cost to put back walls, ceilings, floors or facilities after a very serious incident such as a fire or a flood.

How to calculate the value of the continent? To calculate well the value of the continent you have to multiply the square meters of your house by the cost of construction. An estimated guide would be:

700 euros x m2 on a low or medium range floor
800/900 euros x m2 on a high end or luxury floor
900 euros x m2 in a semi-detached house
1,200 euros x m2 in a luxury house
In any case, Zurich Seguros online calculator already automatically estimates the value of the continent of your apartment according to the year of construction, the last year of renovation or the quality of finishes.

It is important to value well the continent and the content of your apartment or house because if not, you could be paying more, or on the contrary, be paying less and that is why your policy is incomplete.

THE KEY: to differentiate between the total value of the floor (including the floor) and the value of the continent (which does not include the floor price).

THE COUNCIL: If you have constructions attached to the floor such as a pool or a garage, ask your insurer the best way to include these extras in your home insurance.

In home insurance, content is everything inside a house: furniture, clothing, appliances, computers … So to calculate the value of content correctly it is recommended to go through the room by room and write everything Which would have to be replaced in the event of theft, flood, fire or other casualties.

TIP: For a fully furnished apartment, the value of the contents is usually around 30% of the value of the continent.

This means that if you rebuild your home of 0 would cost 100,000 euros (value of the continent), the value of the content will be around 30,000 euros, not including jewelry or paintings, among other objects of special value.

Content types

In many online scorers make you choose between ensuring the content of the property or the content of works and reforms. We explain to you what you have to choose.

Content of property: if you are a tenant and want to exclusively ensure the value of your things choose this option.
Content of renovation works: if you are a tenant and want to protect yourself in addition to any damage you may cause in the house while hanging lamps, parquet or changing faucets, this option allows you to be protected without having to secure the entire continent.