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Paycheck To Paycheck Budget Spreadsheet

Paycheck To Paycheck Budget Spreadsheet – The payment authorization / claim form is a combination of two forms: Payment Authorization and Refund Request. In order to preserve resources, it is recommended to use one form instead of two used in the past. The payment authorization / request for reimbursement must include the following information: date, check number, payment recipient, amount payable and budget item (s), with the signatures of the secretary and the president, authorizing payment later To be approved by the association. Receipts must be attached.

The approval of the budget does not authorize the expenditure of the funds, except what is established in the statutes. The committee chair should first submit plans that include a detailed budget to the executive board for approval. The executive board has the authority to authorize the association’s invoices within the limits of the budget approved by the association. All money and payments must be within the approved budget and must be pre-approved (funds released) by the association at a meeting of the association for its disbursement or ratified by the association at the next meeting of the association. In order to disburse funds for any activity, a motion must be submitted for the disbursement of the funds at a meeting of the association. “I propose to disburse up to $ 600.00 for the fall festival. Budgetary category: autumn festival “. Once the funds are released, the treasurer must report to the board each month the budget to match the variants of all funds released.

After authorization by the executive board or association, the properly completed payment authorization form / refund request form allows the treasurer to issue checks. If the combined form is not used, a payment authorization, with invoice, receipt, invoice or statement of expenditure attached, must be prepared for each check issued. (Payment authorization). A payment authorization must be signed by the president and the secretary. It is not necessary to wait until the next association meeting to repay money.

Persons authorized to purchase supplies for the PTA whose cost will be reimbursed may request an advance in an amount that is not greater than their estimated expenses. The advance must be approved beforehand by the executive board. (Request for advance).

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