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Wedding Venue Spreadsheet

Wedding Venue Spreadsheet – The name that will pay the wedding, with amount of money as a general budget, and what are your priorities when allocating how much to spend on what son the first steps in planning a super fabulous wedding without breaking the pig. What follows is to allocate an estimated amount to each of your wedding and follow this control when it comes to hiring services.

Following a wedding budget project as you begin planning your big day is important so you have a clear and specific idea of ​​what you can spend on each item.

You can also keep track of what you actually spend in each area. If you manage to spend less than what is estimated in an area you can invest that money in another aspect of your wedding. If something is missing in one area and it is time to cut budget in another area. The bottom line is to keep a clear and defined record of what to spend on what and what your priorities are.

Use a worksheet for the basic wedding budget like this or rely on a spreadsheet in Excel or another wedding budget service (apps or online). For each basic item (here we list 10 in general) you can include sub-sections that specifically deal with each detail. The more organized and more meticulous seas at the time of registration you are spending the easier it will be to take care of your budget without going over.

Here is a simple wedding budget worksheet that will help you to begin to define in more detail the different expenses you will make and how much you estimate to spend on each one.

Total budget: ______________

Expenses Percentage of budget Estimated amount Amount spent
Ceremony and legalities
Includes: Cost of legalities (including obtaining documents, paperwork, and marriage registration). Fees of officiant (or officiants). Costs to reserve the place of the ceremony (church, lounge, garden). Details related to the ceremony (pillow for rings, marriage traditions, etc.)
3% __________ __________
Includes: Cost of renting the place where the reception, food, drinks, rent of furniture, decoration of the area, wedding cake, and souvenirs.
48% __________ __________
Bride and Groom Dressing
Includes: All wedding dress including: wedding dress, veil, hair accessories, underwear, stockings, shoes, accessories, dressing and jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup. All groom’s outfits including: Tuxedo or formal attire, shoes, tie, tie brooch, cufflinks, tie pin or tie, tie rods, and other accessories.
10% __________ __________
Includes: Cost of rings (matrimonial rings) of both as well as any related details including engravings, settings, insurance, and others.
3% __________ __________
Includes: Flowers of the bride (bouquet, headdresses and bouquet to throw), bouquets of bridesmaids, bouquets and / or corsages for mothers, boutonnières for parents and godparents, flowers for pajesitos, basket and petals for ladies, Centerpieces and floral reception area decor and any other floral wedding detail.
8% __________ __________
Includes: Everything related to the music in your wedding including the musicians of the ceremony, the musical atmosphere of the cocktail and the reception, whether you hire DJ or one or several musical ensembles. Includes within this section the rent of sound and lighting system and any other derivative of the contracting of music at your wedding including tips and per diems.
8% __________ __________
Includes: Photographer and videographer fees. Your travel expenses and tips. The photo album (s), additional prints, disposable cameras and / or rental of camcorders for wedding tables (and the cost of printing or editing the videos).
12% __________ __________
Includes: Transportation for the wedding procession, for the bride and groom before and after the wedding, transport of guests, and if necessary valet service for the guests.
2% __________ __________
Wedding Stationery
Includes: Wedding invitations, rsvp cards to confirm attendance, thank-you notes, postal charges, calligraphy services, and signature book.
3% __________ __________
Includes: gifts for the bridal courtship, paa fathers of the bride and groom, and welcome baskets for guests coming from outside.
3% __________ __________

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